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Timberwolf have just launched the NEW TW280 TDHB Wood Chipper !!

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The TW 350HDB (t) is a confident interpretation by Timberwolf of the high performance and versatility demanded by serious chipper operators. This machine reflects a commitment from the UK’s market leading chipper manufacturer that transforms a vision into a truly remarkable chipper.

With all the performance and advantages of the TW 190TDHB (Turbo), the Timberwolf 190TFTR (Turbo) is a ‘go anywhere’ tracked chipper, with excellent off-road performance and a chipping ability to match.

Gravity Feed Chipper with a Briggs and Stratton Engine. The Timberwolf 18/100G e/s is a versatile machine suited to many applications. With a positive blade feed action, large feed funnel, low centre of gravity and good ground clearance; it has the ability to quickly process 100mm (4”) diameter material at up to 1.5 tonnes per hour.

The TW SX200PHB(c) is an economical, high throughput, low cost green waste shredder aimed at landscapers, local authorities and contractors and can be easily operated by a single user.

Unlike its competitors, the SX200 has a dedicated integral chassis with brakes – as opposed to a ‘bought in’ trailer chassis. It has a 20 HP Honda petrol engine, widely recognised as the most reliable and economic on the market. It is specifically aimed at processing green waste with reduced noise, aided by the forged, sharp profile hammers with Teflon bushes. Quieter than some of the bigger machines, it is suitable to use in urban areas where noise pollution is often a pressing concern for businesses. There is also an option for a conveyor (feed and grab design) which draws material to the feed roller.

The new TW230DHB Chipper has more chipping and crushing power yet remains under the crucial 750kg weight limit.

The TW230DHB may look similar to the TW150DHB but is clearly a new model inside and out.  The innovative TW230DHB is new from the ground up with more powerful chipping rotor, one of several feature to distinguish the 2014  model.  It comes with an open top funnel, wide rollers with extra large throst, exceptional crusing power with the quad force rollers.

The TW230DHB is a clear step up in terms of throughput, strength and serviceability.  A wider axle and deeper chassis beam the new TW230DHB chipper has a more powerful, purposeful stance.  These characteristics are more than cosmetic changeds, this chipper is the most powerful susb 75-kg yet, no stone has been left unturned in the pursuit of strength and durability to match performance whilst still being under that magic 750kg!

The Timberwolf engineers have designed it with performance and safety in mind, extra strength for critical components throughout the machine ensuring top level performance day after day, year on year.  All service items have easy access (including the anvil) and there is a central greasing system to help make that regular service schedule easy.



Timberwolf launch the New TW280TDHB Chipper this Summer - on display at the Arb Show 4th & 5th June at The National Arboretum.


This all new 8" chipper is a confident contender for the title of "best chipper" - without the constraints of the sub 750kg limit, they have reallty gone to town on Strength and Performance.  The TW280 TDHB delivers incredible reliability, ease of use, safety and efficiency. 


The competition is fierce in the 8" category, rivalry strong, therefore this machine has been well considered to meet head on, all challengers to stay on top.  The TW280 TDHB incorporates a super wide funnel, utilises huge crushing power and a bigger feed aperture than the opposition.  The all NEW TW280 TDHB is definitely worth a closer look

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This is not your average small chipper. Ideal for hire, landscapers and large private gardens, it is designed to have a working life in excess of 10 years when used in the hire industry, one of the most arduous environments to which equipment is subjected. This machine is safe to operate, easy to move, boasts a fast work rate and in this price bracket, is in a class of its own.

Competitively priced and weighing only 575kg, this chipper comprises a large feed funnel, twin feed rollers, an auto feed control and is a truly professional hydraulic chipper. This exceptional machine takes many of its components from the class leading TW 150HB.

Designed for the contractor and utility user, the TW 150VTR incorporates many features that make working in difficult or confined spaces possible. It has state-of-the-art anti vibration technology and an extremely tough, one-piece detachable funnel, with Timberwolf’s unique ‘safety plus’ bar, which acts to protect the operator on all 4 sides.

The TW 190 TDHB packs quite a punch in chipping performance. Combining a 45hp Kubota turbo diesel engine with a heavy-weight chipping motor, large feed rollers and over-size feed funnel, its unbeatable performance is complemented by its compact design.