Chainsaw accessories

Chainsaw accessories covering GUIDE BARS, SAW CHAINS, FILES & FILING EQUIPMENT etc - 


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Original STIHL Saw Chains - Superior quality for peak performance. CHAIN SHARPENING SERVICE AVAILABLE IN HOUSE * Outstanding cutting performance and operational reliability * Galvanised teeth made from special steel and hardened rivets Whether you required Picco Micro Mini - Picco Super - Picco Duro - Rapid Super - Rapid…
GUIDE BARS  -  suitable for a variety of tasks from cutting fireword through to wood harvesting and carving. * ROLOMATIC guide bars for high cutting capacity * DUROMATIC solid bars for demanding taks involving hard wood Call the workshop for help and guidance or bring your bar in for us…
The Stihl Smart Holder Sawhorse is made of metal. It can be folded away by simply loosening two wing nuts. For working on logs from 25 to 230 mm in diameter.
Stein Arbor Trolley a multi functional handling system.  Designed to take the hard work out of moving brash and logs.  Capable of carrying 500kg and at only 75cm wide is perfect for accessing back gardens to transport material in one go.  Reduce the time on the job.   
ROUND FILES - FLAT FILES - FILE HANDLES - FILING TOOLS - FILING VICES * Tools for maintaining and servicing your saw chain * For professional and domestic chain sharpening * Designed to make maintenance easier CALL US OR CALL IN STORE FOR HELP