Timberwolf TW280TDHB Featured

Timberwolf launch the New TW280TDHB Chipper this Summer - on display at the Arb Show 4th & 5th June at The National Arboretum.


This all new 8" chipper is a confident contender for the title of "best chipper" - without the constraints of the sub 750kg limit, they have reallty gone to town on Strength and Performance.  The TW280 TDHB delivers incredible reliability, ease of use, safety and efficiency. 


The competition is fierce in the 8" category, rivalry strong, therefore this machine has been well considered to meet head on, all challengers to stay on top.  The TW280 TDHB incorporates a super wide funnel, utilises huge crushing power and a bigger feed aperture than the opposition.  The all NEW TW280 TDHB is definitely worth a closer look

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